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Money Talks – Friendship Day !

Hi All,

Money Talks Weekly

This is my weekly learnings to our email subscribers, same will be shared in our website and linked in. Please do share if you think it would benefit to your dear ones.

Friends play an active role if your life, be it your savings, spending and career choices. If you have friends in middle east, you end up in middle east and start your career. This is normal situation in Kerala. Friends going for higher education, you get inspired to choose that path.

This is same with investments too. There are friends influence to choose your investment types too. If you have a friends in stock market, there is a high chance you end up investing in stock market.

Same with negative and positive influence too from friends. Good behavior from friends lead you to positive path and vice versa.

“You’re the average of the five people spend the most time with,” a quote attributed most often to motivational speaker Jim Rohn. There’s also the “show me your friends and I’ll show you your future” derivative.

Always, keep a check on your friends list to see your financial future. Your income will be average of your five friends salary.

I am not saying to choose friends with higher pay check. You can speak and inspire each other to improve your skills and financials better.

I am always blessed with good friends to inspire me to study better to move from below average student to better one. I have friends to speak about my self-developments and happiness. These people helped to push myself up. I love inspiring my friends to move them better persons too.

Let’s be a reason for your friend circles average rise up !

Let’s be the reason for your spender friend to save better, spend less and help them to start an investment account.

Money Talks Weekly

Money Talks – Belated Happy Independence Day !!

Hi All,

Money Talks Weekly

This is my weekly learnings to our email subscribers, same will be shared in our website and linked in. Please do share if you think it would benefit to your dear ones.

Independence day celebration is really patriotic. When we were children, we used to go to schools and take part in flag hosting + we listen a speech from head master and receive Laddu or Chocolate ! we used to crave for that sweets. I don’t think, kids these days have that craze to get sweets. One good stuff happens at my apartment is that we do host flag with all inmates. We have a Senior Citizen, he does the flag hosting, last year he did host the flag and become sentimental on his younger days independence day celebration.

One of my flag hosting was at a Bishop house. Priest host the flag and delivered a speech, he said – we have earned our independence in 1947, but are we really got our independence ?

In reality, most of us are not secured our freedom. We still not earned our freedom to choose what we want. We have strings attached with EMIs and other reasons to the work we are doing. Just imagine, if you have all the money in our hand. What do we do everyday ? what do we love the most ? that should be our job !

Sadly, most of us are not doing the work we love !

If we have financial freedom, we could work anything we love, without thing about the pay check.

There are IT professionals on IT jobs for the pay check, otherwise he may be a teacher or artist. Also, There are teachers on their job for paycheck without enjoying teaching.

Find a job in what you love is a need and it is possible only if one can take financial risk. He/She should have a decent money saved up.

There are jobs, may not get you proper money at a certain level. That push people to take up job, they may not enjoy. After certain time, he end up in trap of responsibilities.

If you are in that category. There is a solution, work for Financial Freedom ! start earn second source of income from investments without actively involved. Then move to a career you love without any money tension.

Its possible, with a plan ! have a dream, take a first step for your financial freedom journey. Fighter in you should act.

Money Talks Weekly

Money Talks – Why do you need retirement plan ?

Hi All,

Money Talks Weekly

This is my weekly learnings to our email subscribers, same will be shared in our website and linked in. Please do share if you think it would benefit to your dear ones.

If you want to achieve any financial goals, you can either save up money or you can avail loan and make that goal happen. Be it Kids education or home purchase or car purchase or personal loan for anytime. But at retirement age, you cant get a loan. Yes, you have reverse mortgage if you have asset ( we can keep this topic for later time)

Otherwise, if you want to take retirement at the age of 55 and you live till 85 or 90. How do you manage your expenses without earning money for next 30 + years ?

This is where the importance of retirement resides.

Can you expect your children to take care of you ? if yes, good for you ! but is it guaranteed ?

Do you think how much per month to lead a good lifestyle ? Do you know something called inflation is going create trouble for you ? if your current expense is 30,000 per month in ten year this expense will be 60,000 per month or in 20 years this expense will become – 120,000 per month ( this is just an approximate number ). But this is a big concern when it comes to your retirement expenses.

Are you in check with inflation for your retirement ?

Keeping this in mind. Biggest responsibility of your life is your kids marriage or buying expensive car or home, it should be your own retirement. You need a sum of money on your retirement day to generate income for expense. This should beat inflation over the years.

This is possible, with proper planning and disciplined investing method.

Let’s start your action for retirement fund.

Money Talks Weekly

Money Talks – Why do you want to do, what you are doing ?

Hi All,

Money Talks Weekly # 12

This is my weekly learnings to our email subscribers, same will be shared in our website and linked in. Please do share if you think it would benefit to your dear ones.

There are many Japanese concepts that have interested me, but IKIGAI is something really influenced in my life. Still wonder, if I have understood it fully.  Each time when read the book IKIGAI, it boost my energy. I recommend all to read this book or read any blogs around IKIGAI or try to understand the below diagram and reflect your life to it:



If you can identify below 4 questions of your life, you can arrive it a middle point / balance of it. That is where you will find the reason for your being, that’s called IKIGAI !

  1. What you love the most ?
  2. What are you good at doing ?
  3. What you can be paid for ?
  4. What the world is in need ?

Finding purpose in life is difficult and not easy to arrive at it. Asking these questions and arriving an IKIGAI state is also not easy. But attempting these questions regularly will help you arrive at a more happy and purposeful life. I cant guarantee you, any timeline. But it will bring an improvement and consciousness to your happiness of doing, what you are doing.

I have a friend working in UK in a retail sector. He loves food, he was a decent cook used to help his wife at kitchen. He mother is a good traditional cook. Once he saved up a decent some of money, left UK and started a traditional restaurant in Kochi. He is making money and people love his food. He is leading a better life. Initially he was not earning same as UK and this business demand more time from his family life. But he is happy now ! We all can, arrive at this stage, if we start asking this questions on a regular basis.

What we need is respect in the society and should able to do what we want to do without any pressure. Money will come and go. If money is coming with an interesting job, you can enjoy your work and earn.

You may be working in a good earning job. Keep aligning your life to your IKIGAI and enjoy your life.

Happy earning !

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