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Money Talks Weekly

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During my graduation time, my cousin got married. During the time of his marriage, we went to jewelry shop to buy bangles for the bride. His mother was choosing it. It was pretty costly shopping that day. From the eyes of Mother, it was evident that she liked the bangle.

Immediately, my cousin said to pack one more bangle along with the bangle selected for bride. He gifted extra bangle to his mother. My aunt was happy. She loved the gift, everyone in the family appreciated my cousin’s gesture of gifting mother and would be wife same way.

I was pleasantly shocked to see my cousin’s ability to take quick decision to buy that expensive gold piece. That day, I have got the inspiration to earn money and become financially independent.

We all need money, money may not able to make you happy. But sometimes, Money can be a tool to make other’s happy. To do that, you need good pocket to take money decisions without any guilty.

P.S. I don’t means impulsive shopping here.

Happy earning, Happy Saving.

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