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Money Talks Weekly # 7

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People often ask me, what is the best investment option available ? I speak about Mutual Funds or SIP ( Systematic Investment Plan) to them ! especially, if they are new to investments. Few of them asked me back, why Mutual Funds ? Why SIP ?

Or there are people already investing in Mutual Fund. They want variety ! But in reality, they are not investing as per their real financial capability. People want to try something different and new. There are people looking for stocks, international investing, currency, Commodity and things that they are not familiar. People don’t bother to know, where are they investing or how is the regulator ? whom they can escalate if there is any issue?

That is where, Mutual Fund comes in handy. It is the most simple and regulated product in India. It have variety, all Mutual funds are not same. If you need variety, you have all in Mutual Fund in an appropriate regulated way.

To know the definition of Mutual Fund and SIP, there are many content in Money Talks

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We get below benefits from Mutual Funds:

  • Most regulated and less expensive
  • An expert (Fund Manager)managing your money
  • Plenty options to invest and Choose investments as per your need

SIP benefits :

  • Discipline and Automated investing
  • Best to earn compound interest
  • Able to buy at average price, not worry of market fluctuation

So first, build your investments with mutual fund and focus on your work, earn income. Once we build a good money or wealth with disciplined investment, we can think about other investments.

There are options, like direct stocks, PMS (Portfolio Management Service), AIF, list goes on…

Before looking for other options, in Mutual fund itself has many variety. Let’s use that first !

Happy Saving and investing !

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