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Money Talks Weekly # 11

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Recently, my friends called up to check about a block chain / ai investment opportunity. He had, prominent Indian Billionaires invested in it ! In the same line, there was a bank manager who called up and asked a trading website. This website got an investment opportunity, we can invest money and receive income daily 1 % or you can reinvest.

Both are highly educated. One person is part of Banking system. Still they are attracted towards this kind of investment. Investment knowledge and greed for money has different characters.

Any investment you are looking should have basic things:

  1. It should be regulated under Indian law
  2. You could raise a complaint to regulators such as RBI, SEBI or IRDI
  3. In their website, you can see regular information clearly
  4. You should invest with proper KYC ( Know your customer) Process and only deal via Banking channel
  5. Stay away from abnormal return or guaranteed return

I was interviewing a senior person from Mutual Fund company. He said, any promised return more than Government FD rates are risky and they don’t have intention to pay back. It may pay back till the time, they want to attract other investors and spread word of mouth. So, if you are at the early stage – you may get return else, you will be in loss completely. You can’t escalate it to anyone. It becomes a scam.

We have interest to look for new big thing. It is really difficult to predict. It is just like winning a lottery. So, if you are interest in these risk assets – Invest only as if buying a lottery. Always invest your serious money into regulated products only.

Better stay away from any fancy investment ! If you are confused to investment money, Consult an investment planner or an experienced person who can help you without any bias.

Stay safe, happy investing.

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