People engagement activity is important for any organization.

A highly engaging organization will have strong employees and less attrition. We come as a bridge between your employees and corporate to conduct a Financial Freedom workshop.

We will deal with various techniques to improve their financial state of being and build a financial freedom for them.

We cover
  1. Basics of Savings, Investing and Insurance
  2. How to plan employee Tax investment
  3. How to plan their Home loan, Provident fund and retirement
  4. How to improve their contribution to the organization and growth in their career
  5. One page Financial Plan

We provide customized services based on your employees’ profiles.

Please provide details of your employees’ age group, salary range and education qualifications and accordingly, we will plan a 2 hours’ workshop for the same.


This is an engagement activity that will help build satisfied employees for your organization and aid in retaining your staff as well.


If Money needs are met, then, all else, in all other levels, will fall into place.


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