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The Psychology of Money

We read umpteen books on how to become rich but when it comes to implementing it, we miss the point somehow. The problem lies not with the books but with the lack of clarity and self-belief.

Remember, clearly working out where you want to be regarding your finances is the baby step towards making money. Here, let us discuss in brief on a few tips to make money or to become successful in our respective careers.

Setting a Goal

  • Define and declare your goal with conviction.
  • Calculate the amount you intend to earn. For example, if you intend to earn 10 lakhs as monthly salary, clearly set 10 lakhs monthly salary as a goal.

Do Affirmation

  • Keep telling yourself that you are thankful for earning 10 lakhs as monthly salary.
  • Write down the amount in a diary in your language so that you emphatically declare yourself committed to earn it which in turn increases your self-belief
  • Paste the goal and the amount on your wall or in prayer room which makes it stick to your mind
  • Read the affirmation at least 10 times every morning and at night prior to sleep
  • Try visualising yourself earning the money, counting and investing it.
  • Imagine the feel while the money is in the hands and the impact it creates in your life, family and lifestyle such as buying a new vehicle, attire, the kind of people you befriend, the charity you will be part of, the number of people who is going to benefit.
  • Create a vision board to imagine the kind of impact the money will have in your life. Cut images from magazines or make a pictorial representation on your computer screen. For example, if you run a company, create one on how your company gets listed, you running a charity as part of your organization, how you start prioritising your physical health by running marathons, you constructing a good house or buy a car. Get it printed and pasted on your wall or as a screensaver in your computer so that they are frequent reminders.

Take Action

  • Ask yourself on the actions needed to be taken to impact the lifestyle
  • Implement the small ideas which you get while you keep on asking questions.
  • Monitor these small ideas transforming themselves into huge visions and ultimately reaching a moment helping you attain the goal

Remember it may take months or years to reach your goal. The stronger you believe in it, the faster you reach there. In that defining moment, no external factors, be it economy or situations can stop you from reaching there.

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